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Java reflection by some Android examples (part 1)

This Thursday, I met an issue while I was fixing bugs for my company project. It was about listening the event occurred when a Spinner drop down list dismissed.

I took me 1 working day investigating the Spinner and related classes's source code. The conclusion was that a drop-down styled Spinner contained an object having an onDismissListener, we could set a listener for this object. The only problem is the object was PRIVATE declared inside Spinner, so was its class declaration.

Another day for looking for solutions. I then extended the Spinner class for setting a listener and applied reflection technique for accessing something "private". I think this experiences will be helpful for some of you. I will write down what I researched with real-code demo.

First of all, here is a little about reflection from
Uses of Reflection  Reflection is commonly used by programs which require the ability to examine or modify the runtime …

Hiến kế để bóng đá Việt Nam trở thành tứ đại anh hào châu lục

Muốn đứng hạng tư ở giải bóng đá vô địch châu Á? Đội Việt Nam chỉ cần thắng từ 1 tới 2 trận ở vòng loại là đủ!!!

Bạn không tin ư? Trong quá khứ, chiến lược này đã thực sự thành công ở 2 kì Asian Cup 1956 và 1960 đấy.
Các cô gái Nhật vây quanh "Lưỡng thủ vạn năng" Phạm Văn Rạng Nguồn: Internet
Trong lần đầu tiên tổ chức, Asian Cup 1956 gồm 2 vòng: vòng loại và vòng chung kết. Phụ thuộc vào vị trí địa lý, các quốc gia châu Á được chia thành 3 khu vực và thi đấu vòng loại theo khu vực của mình. 3 đội bóng đứng đầu vòng loại 3 khu vực sẽ tham gia cùng chủ nhà Hong Kong ở vòng chung kết.

Đội Miền Nam Việt Nam (VN) nằm trong vòng loại khu vực Trung tâm cùng với Thái, Sing, Indo, Malay và Cambodia. Vòng loại khu vực Trung tâm được tổ chức 3 vòng, nhưng các đội Thái, Sing, Indo quá sợ Việt và Cam nên thi nhau bỏ giải, rốt cục sau 3 vòng đấu loại, VN chỉ đá 2 trận với Malay, 1 thắng 1 hòa.

Nhờ thành tích vượt qua vòng loại, VN cùng Hong Kong, Hàn Quốc và Israel đá vòng chung kết the…

How did I submit my app to Samsung mobile store?

September 2nd is Vietnam National Day, and I am back from my vacation. Hope you guys have a good day.
A few days ago, I registered an account on Samsung store. And I tried publish my first app on it.
Everything was ok until I pressed "Submit" button. A dialog told me that I forgot selecting app category.
I had to be back to Information page and enter the type of my app (a game named Tap To Clean).

There was only 1 option for category - "GALAXY Specials" (wth), I followed and chose 'Other' for my sub-category, then resubmitted.
Another notice showed me that my app didn't meet the conditions for selected Category (wtf - did I have a second choice?) and guided to fulfill the request. I really hated, but this site has a large amount of users, we developers have to follow their rulers >""<

It seemed that at least 1 of the "GALAXY Specials Information" options must be ticked, and my app had none of them. The best way I found is that…

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Who Might Be Star-Lord's Dad?

Spoiler Alert: This blog post contains major spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy. If you haven't seen the film yet and wish to go in without knowing anything about the plot, I would recommend not clicking the "Keep reading" button below!

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By the end of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy there is one big question that looms over everything: who is Peter Quill’s father? The movie itself offers up a few hints and pieces of evidence towards the end, but also leaves the matter unresolved. It’s pretty clearly a set up for the announced Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in 2017, but we’re far too impatient to wait three years for the issue to resolve itself. You know what that means: it’s speculation time!

Sorting through the information available in Guardians of the Galaxy of course, the history of Guardians of the Galaxy comics, we’ve determined three different characters who could potentially wind up being Star-Lord’s dad. Long-time fans may think they a…

How can Leicester City become a Charity Shield winner? What happened to Arsenal in 1971?

Last Sunday, my favorite football (soccer in the USA) team Arsenal won 3-0 against Manchester City and got their 13rd FA Community Shield (Charity Shield before 2002). I was happy and spent my time on reading a lot about the club honours, the matches ... and I found interesting things.

First of all, as the title told, please be informed that Leicester City is one of the FA Charity Shield winners and they won the trophy in 1971. How is it possible while they have never won any domestic cup (the FA Cup) or domestic league (First Division / Premier League)?

1971 Charity Shield is the first and the only Shield that Leicester have won in their 130-years history
Back to the date May 8th in 1971, Arsenal won their 4th FA Cup and completed their first double in the history. But the Champions did not take part in the traditional pre-season curtain-raiser in the next season 71-72, because previously they had set up theirs friendly matches, 2 with Benfica (home / away) and 1 with Feyenoord.


Minidora - Trợ thủ đắc lực

Xem thêm: - Doremi và băng cướp núiChú nhóc Doremini gây rối - Kết Doraemon - fanmade App đọc truyện dài Doremon trên điện thoại/tablet Android: Store / File APK Xem truyệnẨn đi