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A year look back - 2015

There were not many struggles in my 2015, so summarizing the journeys I made during the year is a good way to review it.

Long An, June 13rd - 14th This trip was not prepared well. I planned to go just the night before. Tan An city, the central of Long An province, was nice with a lot of bridges. It would be interesting walking alongside the river banks.
Actually, It rained from late in the afternoon to the midnight. So I had to have my dinner in a supermarket.  The meal was a pizza which costed 23.000 VND - about $1
Then I bought 4 comic volumes and spent the rest of the night reading them. Later the electricity was cut until the next day's afternoon.
Singapore, July 17th - 19th This trip was also not prepared so well. Last July, Arsenal FC came to Singapore for some friendly matches. I booked the match tickets, the flight and hostel bed just a month before I departured. I stayed Bunc @ Radius, a hostel was managed by chinese guys in Little India. The building was really pretty bu…