Software Developer, B.Eng of Computer Science. C/C++, Java, C#, VB, HTML Developer. Focus on Android.


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Area of Skill

I have a background knowledge and good practice experiences in:
  • .NET
  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • C# Programming
  • Data Entry
  • Excel
  • HTML
  • Java
  • XML
  • Algorithm
  • Android

Work Experiences

C/C++ Programming

1. Dynamic programming
2. open GL......
3. new project for duchuyctlk (coding more than 10 spoj problems)
4. Programming: Matrix manipulation
5. Bit manipulations in C programming language
6. Vector processing
7. Code the core for a GUI program
8. Homework: finish/rewrite (expressions: infix to posfix)
9. Class implementing
10. Program to calculate deternimant of a square matrix
11. Inheritance with abstract base class
12. Card-guessing game
13. School assignment
14. C++ project about shrinking images
15. Implementing RGB class
16. Student marking grade
17. 1 lab + 1 assignment + 1 final exam in a programming course
18. C++ Hash problems

 Java Programming

1. 2 Simple JAVA based GUI Programs
2. Using Graphics in Java
3. Beginner Java - TCP file transfer
4. very quick java program ( 2 spoj problems)
5. Decompile .jar to source and instruction to compile source (J2ME)
6. sort a line of strings containing integers and words (design and implement algorithm)
7. Cubic Bezier Curve in Java programming (plotting, graphic)
8. C# Converter to Java
9. Implement checksum algorithm (ssdeep) in Java
10. Simple Java GUI Appointment System
11. Sales Summary System 
12. Generalization homework with JUnit test
13. Java Graphics with OpenGL (JOGL)
14. Computer Science JAVA
15. Implement OOP assignment about Cabs
16. Java Money class implement
17. JAVA and C arithmetic resolvers
18. ssdeep checksum

C# & VB.Net Programming

1. visual basic two programs (school exercises)
2. WMI Object Viewer (large data)
3. Implement C# Wrapper for C based Ellipse Detector (language wrapping)
4. Simple app: grab webcam picture
5. Sort by alexa/google rank, extract as firefox bookmark database file
6. Write Text or Put Image On Blueprint Image
7. Read / delete cookies of IE, CH, FF, OP, SF & Macromedia
8. Convert some c# to vb.net
9. Software Development C# - Import data from Excel to MySQL
10. VB program to illutrate how Loop structures work



1. Simple HTML Project
2. copy 3pages focalprice.com (not code, only 3html+css+js)

Tech Articles

1. Reading BMP File Type with Visual Basic
2. Graph coloring using Recursive-Large-First (RLF) algorithm
3. A brute-force approach to check if a line segment crosses a simple polygon
4. How to wrap a C# library for use in Java (writing style is a bit crazy)
5. Wrap a simple C# library as ActiveX (I am just newbie in wrapping)



1. PipJson library (developing)
2. Simple PHP Script (simple string processing)
3. decode hacked php code
4. Lisp language
5. Algorithm assignment
6. Algorithm assignment (Recursion/dynamic/ADT/Turing Machine)
7. decode php code (base64 + utf8 encode)
9. Decode a Javascript code




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