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Introduction Software Developer, B.Eng of Computer Science. C/C++, Java, C#, VB, HTML Developer. Focus on Android.
Resumé N/A. Take a quick look at my GitHub
Area of Skill I have a background knowledge and good practice experiences in:
.NETC ProgrammingC++ ProgrammingC# ProgrammingData Entry ExcelHTMLJavaXMLAlgorithm Android Work Experiences C/C++ Programming 1. Dynamic programming
2. open GL......
3. new project for duchuyctlk (coding more than 10 spoj problems)
4. Programming: Matrix manipulation
5. Bit manipulations in C programming language
6. Vector processing
7. Code the core for a GUI program
8. Homework: finish/rewrite (expressions: infix to posfix)
9. Class implementing
10. Program to calculate deternimant of a square matrix
11. Inheritance with abstract base class
12. Card-guessing game
13. School assignment
14. C++ project about shrinking images
15. Implementing RGB class
16. Student marking grade
17. 1 la…

How to wrap a C# library for using in Java, a folk tale about an idiot coding at midnight.

Hi guy, long time no see. I miss u so muchhhhh :x

Sorry readers, thing in front of me is the mirror. This post begins here.

U know, it's 3 am, today is my birthday, I have an AI tutorial class this afternoon and I've not slept yet.
I'm so excited now. I've just archived the great idiots things that almost idiots couldn't archive. I feel like the most idiot ever. From now on, I'm able to call an idiot C# method in the idiot language Java. I'm gonna tell you how.

Before continuing, check if you've installed Windows OS, .NET framework and MS VS already.

Firstly, prepare an idiot C# library by yourself. Open your Notepad++ and type this code (do not copy here because this text is not colored):
using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;

public class CSharpHelloWorld
    public CSharpHelloWorld() { }

    public void displayHelloWorld()
        MessageBox.Show("Hello Java, I'm C#!", "Sample");
} I don't what this code ca…


Hi there,
Let me introduce myself a little.
Me, a Junior technology student who doesn't know when he will graduate. Done =))

I have joined several social networks already. But, Facebook is such a mess, Twitter is too quiet, Tumblr (or whatever) is for the youngsters, and My Opera is the past. I need another space that is large enough ;))

A lazy boy always chooses the very first choice he meets. And Gmail suggests me That's all.

Have a good night, buddies.