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Things foreigners should do in Vietnam

These days a lot of travellers travel to Vietnam. If you are one of them and you don't have a friend who has experiences what to do here, this post is for you. I am not a local Saigonese, but I have lived in Saigon for 7 years, and I AM a Vietnamese, so I can tell you a bit. There are something you should (this means you don't have to) do in Vietnam, especially in Saigon.
Have "cơm tấm" or "hủ tiếu" for your mealsCơm tấm is broken rice with grilled pork chop, eaten with sliced cucumber/potato/carrot. You can also choose fried egg and some other accoutrements such as shredded pork, pork skin... It is typical dish in Southern Vietnam. A dish of cơm tấm costs around 20000 vnd.
A cơm tấm dish in Thành Rau restaurant, Phú Nhuận District. Source: VIETNAM CORACLE
Hủ tiếu is a kind of noodle, popular in Vietnam and it is NOT Phở. As far as I know, there are several type of hủ tiếu: hủ tiếu bò viên (hủ tiếu with meatball), hủ tiếu xào (stir fried hủ tiếu), hủ tiếu Na…

A Viet backpacker who wants to buy crude oil

Do not take notice of the post title. It tells you nothing.

Several weeks ago, I planned to go to Dumai City, Indonesia, before my coming birthday.
That city is definitely not a tourism city. Some travel websites event recommend that you should go out as soon as you can and if you have to stay, do not buy anything unless it is urgently required.

I knew no ways to get in/around, nothing to do, no places to visit, no special dishes to taste. So I decided to make a travel map for that city. At first it was really hard to find any interesting information. Google could hardly gives images, but it did give me the location via Google Map service.

Then little by little, I found a blog of a Thai solo backpacker who wrote a guide to get to Dumai by boat. This guy made me firmly want to carry on the trip. Because a Thai did it means a Viet can do it too, and will do it well.

After reading at least dozens of blogs (and unintentionally they were all on blogspot) with the powerful help from Google …