How can Leicester City become a Charity Shield winner? What happened to Arsenal in 1971?

Last Sunday, my favorite football (soccer in the USA) team Arsenal won 3-0 against Manchester City and got their 13rd FA Community Shield (Charity Shield before 2002). I was happy and spent my time on reading a lot about the club honours, the matches ... and I found interesting things.

First of all, as the title told, please be informed that Leicester City is one of the FA Charity Shield winners and they won the trophy in 1971. How is it possible while they have never won any domestic cup (the FA Cup) or domestic league (First Division / Premier League)?

1971 Charity Shield is the first and the only Shield that Leicester have won in their 130-years history

Back to the date May 8th in 1971, Arsenal won their 4th FA Cup and completed their first double in the history. But the Champions did not take part in the traditional pre-season curtain-raiser in the next season 71-72, because previously they had set up theirs friendly matches, 2 with Benfica (home / away) and 1 with Feyenoord.

Bertie Mee with the 'Double' trophies. Source:

So Leicester City - Second Division champions - were chosen to play as opponent against FA Cup runners-up Liverpool instead. The 1971 FA Charity Shield was a football match between Leicester and Liverpool. Leicester won the game with the only goal from Steve Whitworth. They earned the "Super Cup" trophy, despite having never won either the league or the cup.

I am still wondering if Arsenal had joined the match and had had another trophy. Am I greedy? hahaha


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